Adrienne Youdim MD, FACP

My Top 10 Weight Loss Tips
Weight Loss is an ongoing journey and pursuit of good health. A successful weight loss strategy is practical and livable. If it sounds too good to be true-it is too good to be true. Practical strategies do work if done consistently. Here are my top 10… 1.Don’t Skip! Don’t skip meals. Skipping often leads to […]
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Whey Protein Powder Chocolate & Vanilla Flavors
Our Whey Protein Powder Chocolate & Vanilla flavors are a high quality protein supplement that is formulated to be a highly efficient, rich source of protein. Each serving provides 18 grams of protein for only 95 calories per scoop. Our whey protein powders are enhanced with 100 milligrams of L-glutamine. This powder provides important proteins B-lactoglobulin, A-lactalbumin, immunoglobulin and […]
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