Adrienne Youdim MD, FACP

Dr. Adrienne Youdim MD is a board certified physician of internal medicine and obesity medicine and a physician nutrition specialist. She has authored several academic papers and a text book on the treatment of obesity and teaches medical students and residents at UCLA School of Medicine and Cedars Sinai Medical Center on the treatment of obesity.

She has extensive experience in all aspects of medical weight loss including counseling on dietary plans, use of meal replacements, prescription of FDA-approved medications for weight loss, exercise prescriptions and behavioral modification. After a detailed consultation she will discuss how some or all of these modalities can be used to create an individualized weight loss plan for you.

Medical Weight Loss Diet Los Angeles

Medical Weight Loss

  • Detailed consultation
  • Medical evaluation of health status
  • Interpretation of laboratory tests
  • Body composition testing
  • Physician supervised weight loss
  • Individualized dietary meal plan
  • Medical grade meal replacements
  • Prescription of FDA-approved medications for weight loss
  • Exercise prescription
  • Behavioral modification
  • Chronic disease management through lifestyle change
  • Post partum weight loss
  • Preoperative weight loss
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Bariatric Medicine

  • Extensive body composition analysis
  • Interpretation of and surveillance of laboratories
  • Pre-Bariatric surgery nutritional assessment
  • Preoperative weight loss
  • Post Bariatric surgery nutritional surveillance and treatment
  • Post bariatric surgery weight re-gain
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Clinical Nutrition

  • Detailed micronutrient vitamin and mineral evaluation
  • Detailed laboratory evaluation
  • Treatment of vitamin and mineral deficiencie
  • Individualized vitamin/mineral supplementation
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