Weight loss tricks and gimmicks have failed you.

I provide actionable and compassionate steps to help you lose weight and achieve greater health and wellbeing.


Weight loss tricks and gimmicks have failed you.

I provide actionable and compassionate steps to help you lose weight and achieve greater health and wellbeing.

Uncover your true hunger

and transform your life forever

Using personal experiences, client observations, and medical/scientific commentary, I identify those underlying factors and give proven advice for overcoming them. This inspirational and empowering book won’t just help you lose a few pounds. It will fundamentally alter the way you look at yourself – in the mirror and beyond.




I see patients regularly at the Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills California. I’m a board certified physician. I offer specialized services in medical weight loss, medical nutritional therapy, and nutritional and metabolic support of bariatric surgery patients at my practice in Beverly Hills, California. I take a mindful approach to medicine. And combine my education, hospital training, and academic research with personal values grounded in integrity, empathy, and authenticity.


These days good nutrition is more important than ever! Dehl Nutrition is a physician formulated line of nutrition bars and supplements made with functional nutrients to enhance health and wellbeing. Functional refers to ingredients and nutrients that are intended to support your health and wellbeing in a positive way.


Our health is impacted by our actions in obvious and not so obvious ways. What we eat, how we sleep, move, work, connect, and all the other ways in which we chose to live our lives- both big and small- impact our health and wellbeing in meaningful ways. Join Dr. Adrienne Youdim as she interviews thought leaders and experts about the small but actionable “health bites” we can all take to live well.


“I tried many weight-loss programs before which were not successful in the long term. Working with Dr. Youdim has change my life.”

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I'm Dr. Adrienne Youdim.

If you are here now you are ready to embark on the transformative process of identifying what you are truly hungry for. Like you I am tired of fear based tactics and false promises, quick tricks and easy fixes. You know that weight loss is not just a matter of calories and you are looking for actionable and compassionate steps to manage your hunger once and for all.

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The Magic of Nature

This week on Health Bite, I talked about the benefits of hanging out with nature, or treating yourself to a walk in the greenery, for your health.  I

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Rethink Everything You Thought You Knew About Weight Loss

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The current weight loss culture is based on false promises, judgement and shame. It’s serving up what is simply untrue, that weight loss is a matter of tricks and quick fixes.

It’s time for a better way.

Hungry For More guides you on a path of self discovery with actionable and compassionate steps to understand and manage your hunger once and for all.

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