I have created a collection of ways to work with me for you to help you on this path. You will get the same resources, tips and guidance I use every day in my private practice to help you navigate this path

Other Ways to Work Together


The Hungry for More Workbook is coming soon! Get on the Waitlist to be the first to know when it becomes available.

The Journaling Course

I have created 30 days of mindful writing prompts with support to help you identify your underlying hunger once and for all.


My book Hungry for More is a collection of personal and patient stories and medical science to explore our spiritual hunger and to get to the heart of what we are truly hungry for.

The Book Hungry For More: Stories And Science To Inspire Weight Loss From The Inside Out

“For over fifteen years, Dr. Adrienne Youdim has guided hundreds of people through their weight loss journeys, helping them change their relationship with food, with themselves and transforming every aspect of our lives.”

Peek inside

Hungry for More will help you identify the real triggers for weight gain and help you address your hunger once and for all. Follow along as I blend patient and personal stories with scientific research and medical comentaty to help you understand the psychologic and physiologic factors behind weight gain.

The Hungry for More Workbook

Use this workbook as a companion to the book, Hungry for More. Much like the patients you read about, you will dig deep with journal prompts and exercises, tips and inspiration to discover the real triggers behind your weight gain and to help you cultivate a healthy relationship with food and with yourself.

Take The Course

This course will give you 30 days of mindful writing prompts to help you identify what you are truly hungry for. Writing presents an opportunity for awareness, self-healing, and transformative change. Studies show that journaling can enhance emotional and mental wellbeing by reducing stress, anxiety, and ruminations. Writing practices can also help cultivate gratitude, joy and meaning.

Are you ready?

Let’s  create a customized treatment plan for you whether your goal is weight loss, weight maintenance or to treat a weight related condition.

The Workbook

Join the wait list and be the first to know when it becomes available !

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