Actionable and Compassionate Guidance to Health, Wellbeing and Weight loss from a Board Certified Weight Loss Expert.

Board Certified Weight Loss Specialist

Offering Evidence based, Actionable and Compassionate Guidance to Achieve Health, Wellbeing and Weight loss.

Get actionable and compassionate steps to help you lose weight and achieve greater health and well-being.

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Trust that you have all that you need, I'll provide you with the tools and guidance to navigate this path.

Our hunger(s) represent our unmet emotional needs.

Our relationship with food is a gateway for understanding our relationship with ourselves.

Self Acceptance is the only way to achieve a healthy weight and a healthy relationship with food once and for all.

Resources I have created for you

Journaling Course

I have created 30 days of mindful writing prompts with support to help you identify your underlying hunger once and for all.

Redefining Nutrition

Redfining Nutrition is an Integrated Approach to Nourishing Yourself Mind and Body. Get your free copy today!


Get a copy of my book Hungry for More and start your road to your health transformation today! Sneak peek the first chapter.

Actionable Health Bites

Join me every week at Health Bite to learn small actionable health bites that will have big impact on your health and wellbeing inspiring you to live a more vibrant and fulfilled life.

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Transforming Lives is My Passion

"Dr. Youdim is a dynamic and engaging speaker who translates her passion for health and wellness with authority and authenticity. Audiences will leave feeling empowered, inspired, and armed with the knowledge to make a change."
- Ed Phillips
Executive Vice Chair,Department of Surgery Dolly Parton Chair, Surgical Innovation Cedars-Sinai Medical Center


Quick & Easy is an illusion

True change requires patience, practice and resilience

There is no room for judgement

Judgement results in sabotage. Only with self- awareness, self-acceptance and self-compassion can we create lasting change

You have everything you need right now. Trust it.

You have all that you need, I will give you the tools and guidance to navigate this path

Uncover your true hunger

and transform your life forever

Using personal experiences, client observations, and medical/scientific commentary, I identify those underlying factors and give proven advice for overcoming them. This inspirational and empowering book won’t just help you lose a few pounds. It will fundamentally alter the way you look at yourself – in the mirror and beyond.


Academic Affiliations


These days good nutrition is more important than ever! Dehl Nutrition is a physician formulated line of nutrition bars and supplements made with functional nutrients to enhance health and wellbeing. Functional refers to ingredients and nutrients that are intended to support your health and wellbeing in a positive way.


Our health is impacted by our actions in obvious and not so obvious ways. What we eat, how we sleep, move, work, connect, and all the other ways in which we chose to live our lives- both big and small- impact our health and wellbeing in meaningful ways. Join Dr. Adrienne Youdim as she interviews thought leaders and experts about the small but actionable “health bites” we can all take to live well.


“I tried many weight-loss programs before which were not successful in the long term. Working with Dr. Youdim has change my life.”


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And download for FREE copy of REDEFINING NUTRITION – An Integrated Approach to Nourishing Yourself Mind and Body as a thank you!

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And download for FREE copy of REDEFINING NUTRITION - An Integrated Approach to Nourishing Yourself Mind and Body as a thank you!