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Hi! I'm Dr. Adrienne

My mission is to empower you to take charge of your health and wellbeing in order to achieve a more physically and emotionally fulfilling life.

Through decades of work as an internist, and obesity and nutrition medical specialist, I have learned how simple practices can have profound effects on health, wellbeing, productivity, relationships- in essence all aspects of a fulfilling life. 

I am confident that you too can adopt these impactful practices and experience their transformational  effects in your life.

Learn scientific strategies to mentally, emotionally and physically level up!

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Dr. Youdim is an exceptional speaker with a vast fund of knowledge in the field of weight management and nutrition. She delivers an inspiring and motivational presentation that challenges the audience to do more in the care of our patients who struggle with obesity. Her ability to support all of her recommendations with scientific evidence sets apart from many in the weight management field and her engaging presentation style makes her the perfect speaker for any meeting on this topic.
Mark S. Noah MD, FCAP
American College of Physicians
A huge thank you to Dr. Adrienne, an inspiring and innovative thought leader! Her presentation to our Visionary Women membership was both educational and empowering. Her personal stories and humor made her incredibly relatable and her message of health and wellbeing invaluable.
Nina Kotick
President, Visionary Women
Dr. Youdim is a dynamic and engaging speaker who translates her passion for health and wellness with authority and authenticity. Audiences will leave feeling empowered, inspired and armed with the knowledge to make a change.
Edward Phillips
MD FACS Vice Chair, Department of Surgery, Cedars Sinai Medical Center
“Dr. Youdim is the leading expert on medical weight loss in Los Angeles. She is a dynamic speaker and thoughtful clinician.”
Margo Minissian
PhD, FAHA Executive Director Nursing Institute, Cedars Sinai Medical Center
Dr. Youdim has the ability to connect and inspire. Her guidance is filled with scientific facts shared with simplicity and encouragement that leaves the audience inspired and empowered to make strides towards a healthier way of life.
Debbie Powell & Barbara Leanse
JVS Woman’s Leadership Network
Dr. Adrienne is an inspiring speaker and was an excellent choice to this event. She was knowledgeable and informative and I received much positive feedback from the women attending the event.
Dega Nalayeh
Bank of America



(Including but not Limited to)

  • Broadening Nutrition – The 5 Pillars of Good Nutrition: Diet,
  • Sleep, Movement, Nature and the Mind’s Diet)
  • Top 10 Ways we Sabotage our Weight Loss (and Life) Goals
  • Building Resilience in
  • Optimal Diet for Brain Health, Cognition and Productivity
  • Matters of the Heart, The How and Why of Heart Health for Woman (and Men)
  • Self Compassion practices to Promote Health and Wellbeing

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