Spring Clean your Mind and Body 🌷

In keeping with the spring theme, today’s newsletter is about how our bodies respond to the transition from winter❄️ to spring🌸. And it all comes down to the Sun🌤️. By now I hope you have adjusted to the hour we lost in daylight savings last month and are ready to take advantage of the positive […]

Meeting Your Goals with Grace: Harnessing the Power of Self-Compassion

Recently I spoke to several hundred executives over zoom. It was one of those days when the news was particularly hard to swallow and I felt like I needed a hug. And even though these folks were thousands of miles away and with me on a computer screen, I felt connected and wanted to hug […]

Tame your Reactivity – Be More Intentional in your Life

If I were to give an analogy for us collectively right now, it would be of a slingshot. Just like a slingshot, we’re all charged, wound up, and ready to react. And it strikes me that this feeling of reactivity is not much unlike a craving. An intense feeling to act reflexively to a trigger […]

A Nod to the Health of our Nation, Mind and Body

This week’s announcement by the FDA on the approval of a new use for the injectable weight loss drug wegovy (semaglutide) to reduce cardiovascular risks is a tremendous nod to the health of our nation, mind and body. This announcement comes as a result of research demonstrating a reduction in heart attacks and strokes in […]

Empower your Heart: Insights and Tips for Cardiovascular Health and Prevention

It’s the last week of February and you didn’t think I forgot about women’s heart health did you? February, of course, is not only the month of love (Valentine’s day and my birthday ) but also the month dedicated to Woman’s Heart. Now before you gents sign off… keep in mind that heart health impacts ya’ll […]

Mindful Strategies for a More Connected Life

The Surgeon General of the US, Dr. Vivek Murthy, has said, “loneliness is a subjective feeling of perceived disconnection,” which reminds me that we may perceive this feeling despite being in a romantic relationship, despite having friends and family, despite having resources and opportunities for connection all around us and of course if we don’t […]

The Complexities of Connection: A Personal Journey Through Belonging

This week’s podcast was more of a musing, a heartfelt share of how I was feeling in the moment. It reminded me that we can have all the things around us – partners, children, friends – and still feel isolated or lonely nonetheless. I will talk to you about my spin on all of this […]

Managing your Body (and Mind’s) Energy Budget

Have you ever felt totally drained, totally tapped out, like all of your energy is gone? By way of a non-scientific survey of my patients, friends, family members and co-workers, I am gonna guess the answer is yes which is why, your body’s energy budget  was the topic of this week’s podcast (keep reading for highlights ) and why […]

Why Sleep is your SUPERPOWER

What if I told you there was a vitamin that could protect your metabolic and cognitive health, help with mood and emotional regulation, help you lose weight, manage your blood sugar, and make you feel really really good? Would you take that vitamin? What if I told you that vitamin is sleep? It’s true, sleep is a […]

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