Lessons from the Pavement

So last week, just a few days after I had returned from Rancho La Puerta, a place that I call heaven on earth, where I gave a series of wellness talks, I took a massive fall. You would think the zen vibes of the place would have lingered, but no. As I was racing out […]

Nutrition and Your Mood

Have you ever felt your mood tank after something you ate? I’m not talking about guilt or self-deprecation for eating an ice cream Sunday (we don’t believe in shame). I’m talking about genuinely feeling your mood and energy zapped as a result of something you have consumed. Chances are it has happened, even if you haven’t […]

Ten Ways I Commit to My Mental Health and Wellbeing

I am writing you this week from Rancho La Puerta in Mexico where I have the privilege of teaching health and wellbeing workshops while hiking, sound bathing and farm to table eating. As I reflect on the mental health theme for this month’s HealthBite podcast, I cannot help but marvel at my own journey. Suffice […]

Universal Losses – How We Code for Trauma and Resilience

This week my patient shared as an aside that her child was acting out. She was having a rough time because her teacher had left on maternity leave, her nanny had left and at nearly the same time, her 2 best friends had changed schools. My heart just broke for all the little losses that […]

Habit Stacking your Travel and other Spring Tips

May is around the corner and so is travel season!  Patients frequently ask how they can manage travel while maintaining their health routines. But in today’s NL I wanted to offer an ingenious way (at least I think it is ) to plan your next trip! But first a story… Before the pandemic, I was waking up at […]

Align your Diet with Spring Vibes

Spring’s vibrant energy is contagious, and this month, we’re catching the food vibes! In continuing last week’s theme on how the spring season affects our minds and bodies, this week we’re taking things a step further and discussing seasonal eating! I’ll show you how to align your diet with the season and its offerings of energy and […]

Spring Clean your Mind and Body 🌷

In keeping with the spring theme, today’s newsletter is about how our bodies respond to the transition from winter❄️ to spring🌸. And it all comes down to the Sun🌤️. By now I hope you have adjusted to the hour we lost in daylight savings last month and are ready to take advantage of the positive […]

Meeting Your Goals with Grace: Harnessing the Power of Self-Compassion

Recently I spoke to several hundred executives over zoom. It was one of those days when the news was particularly hard to swallow and I felt like I needed a hug. And even though these folks were thousands of miles away and with me on a computer screen, I felt connected and wanted to hug […]

Tame your Reactivity – Be More Intentional in your Life

If I were to give an analogy for us collectively right now, it would be of a slingshot. Just like a slingshot, we’re all charged, wound up, and ready to react. And it strikes me that this feeling of reactivity is not much unlike a craving. An intense feeling to act reflexively to a trigger […]

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