My Approach

Here you will find a compassionate space with a team ready to support your weight loss goals by offering science-backed tools and actionable guidance. I know weight loss goes deeper than calories and using evidence based medicine and integrative practices, I will help you manage your weight with a holistic, mind body approach.

I see patients at the Lasky clinic in Beverly Hills and also virtually for those living within the state of California. We do not take insurance however are happy to provide a superbill that you can submit for reimbursement.

Your initial visit will last approximately an hour and will include:

  • Extensive medical history, social history, diet and weight history
  • Physical exam 
  • Assessment of personal goals and value system. 
  • Prescriptions for additional metabolic and nutritional laboratory tests (feel free to bring your most recent laboratory tests and assessments)
  • Detailed body composition analysis 

You will leave your consultation with a personalized plan that includes:

  • Dietary guidance tailored to your preferences, (from vegan and vegetarian diets to Mediterranean-style diets and meal replacements)
  • Exercise prescription 
  • Sleep prescription
  • Stress reduction and management
  • Mindful eating practices
  • Introspective practices to bring you in greater alignment with your personal goals and values
  • FDA approved weight loss medication based on candidacy
My goal is to help you identify the individual triggers and lifestyle patterns that have resulted in weight gain and troubleshoot strategies to overcome them and to promote awareness of your current habits while encouraging sustainable habit change. Understanding your relationship with food is life changing! I can't wait for us to begin!



down 33 lbs:

"Dr Youdim is amazing. I am 33 lbs down and her new product line is just incredible - cant recommend her highly enough."


improved health:

"I came to her for nutritional counseling. Her insight into improving your health with nutrition counseling and mindfulness training has been phenomenal. I highly recommend her to everyone!"

Trust that you inherently have all that you need. I’ll offer you the tools and guidance to navigate this path.

Compassionate, empathetic support is what’s missing today from the weightloss journey. Weight loss goes deeper than calories. Our hungers are primal, and I help you recognize through mindfulness and structured exercises how to identify your true hunger. I also utilize evidence based medicine to support your efforts. I partner with you to help you achieve success.

You're in the right place.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is a journey that’s easier to achieve when you have ongoing support and encouragement. 

Dr. Adrienne and staff are available to provide a listening ear, to give you the information you need, and to offer emotional support and motivation. 

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You’re struggling with extra weight gain, difficulty losing weight, and you’ve tried all the programs without success.

Resources I have created for you

Journaling Course

I have created 30 days of mindful writing prompts with support to help you identify your underlying hunger once and for all.


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