Overcoming Overwhelm When It comes to Habit Change

Whether it is weight loss you seek or any kind of change or new habit you wish to make, one of the most common challenges to habit change is overwhelm. The idea of doing something new usually begins with excitement, but sometimes our excitement deteriorates into overwhelm. Managing overwhelm is critical to preventing inaction, so here are some tips.


#1: Manage your Body 

Overwhelm come sometimes trigger feelings of fear and anxiety both of which can trigger your sympathetic nervous system- the flight, fight or freeze. So the first step is to give yourself a time out, remind yourself that you are OK and engage in some exercises that will help you regulate yourself: 

  • 🧘meditation or breathing exercise
  • 📝writing
  • 🌲nature 
  • 🏊‍♂️ movement. 


Use these strategies to remain in the moment and keep your mind from racing to all the things you wish to accomplish in the future or fretting about what you have or have not done in the past. All you need to contend with is this very moment. That’s all! 


#2: Next move yourself towards Action

Move yourself into action by creating a plan. Be very specific about the how, when and where of this new habit you want to adopt. Healthy eating ? What does that mean exactly? What supplies do you need? When will the prepping and/or cooking happen? Create a recurring shopping list and even a recurring menu. Calander your prep time and your meals for the week. Think about  how can you simplify the process (hint move from perfection towards do-able.)


#3: Harness the Power of Routine

Routine is our engine for change. Be specific about the how, what and where of your desired activity. Dont say, I will exercise. Rather, pick the activity, the time of day, then commit. Once you have created the plan, commit with certainty and be wary of decision fatigue. Negotiating with yourself is a surefire way to burn yourself out. Decide, Commit, Execute. 


#4 Embrace your Inner Puppy 

That’s right, we respond to positive reinforcement (just like your little puppy ), even when that positivity comes from ourselves. So embrace your inner puppy. Celebrate your wins no matter how small. In fact, no win is too small to celebrate. So shower yourself with positive reinforcement. Remember, the alternative, badgering yourself for “not enough” is another form of sabotage. Start small, celebrate the wins and use them to build more positive habits and behaviors. 

Overwhelm is natural when we start to engage in something new. Our minds resist change. So have empathy for that human tendency and use these strategies to overcome it. 


If you want more, listen to my podcast HealthBite, where I offer weekly “bites” on how to live well.


Dr. Adrienne




My mission is to educate, empower and inspire my patients to achieve health and wellness by drawing on best medical practices and a holistic mind-body approach while integrating my personal value system grounded in empathy, integrity and authenticity

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