Hungry For More Paperback



Hunger is emotional, hunger is spiritual, and hunger is universal. Overweight or not, our relationship with food is symbolic of our relationship with ourselves, and our hunger for food is symbolic of a deeper hunger that seeks to be understood. We are hungry for connection, belonging, understanding, and for meaning.

For over 15 years, Dr. Adrienne Youdim has guided hundreds of people through their weight loss journeys. In all that time, she has found that the desire to lose weight is often a desire for something deeper. In this collection of patient and personal stories, Dr. Youdim blends story and science to get to the heart of what we are truly hungry for.

Using personal experiences, client observations, and medical/scientific commentary, Dr. Youdim identifies those underlying factors and gives proven advice for overcoming them. This inspirational and empowering book won’t just help you lose a few pounds. It will fundamentally alter the way you look at yourself – in the mirror and beyond.

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