Tirzepatide | New Ground Breaking FDA Approved Weight Loss Medication That You Have to Know

The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Weight For Your Age and Body Frame

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Its been a while since we have had a newsbite and what a week in health news it has been! Last week we received the long awaited approval of Tirzepetide for the treatment of obesity.

Zepbound, (which you may know as Mounjaro – the drug with the same active ingredient approved nearly 2 years ago for the treatment of diabetes) was just given the nod by the FDA for the treatment of obesity. Like its friends, Ozempic and Wegovy, Zepbound is an analogue or copy cat of gut hormones that both help regulate blood sugar. But Zepbound has gone a step further showing weight loss of 20-24% in some individuals!

Also in the news, groundbreaking studies showing major cardiovascular benefits to individuals on these drugs and with lower expected risks! You can hear all about this new medication, how it works, who is a candidate, how to obtain it and what to do if your insurance doesn’t cover it on this weeks HealthBite podcast. I also breakdown the data on cardiovascular risk reduction and why we can fear less about the long term effects of these injectables!

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