My top Morning Rituals for Living Intentionally and In Alignment with your Goals

It’s the new year, and whether we’re talking about health and weight loss goals, professional goals, or merely the goal of being more present and intentional in our lives, which, let’s face it, sounds poetic, but is easier said than done. How you start your day is absolutely critical. So this week, I am sharing the top 10 morning rituals that I engage in and advise my patients to engage in to stay in alignment with themselves and with their goals.

1. Sleep 🛌. It all starts with how you start your day. Because a good night’s sleep is essential to a good morning routine. So my first tip is ensure a soundful sleep. That means being really intentional about my bedtime, about my bedtime routine and making sure that I am creating an environment for sleep. That means no phones! Engaging in a soothing practice, whether it is a bath or a shower, a journaling routine, a 10-minute breathing or meditation break, something, anything to get me regulated and aligned with the process of good sleep. So start there.

2. Don’t snooze 💤. I’ll tell you a secret. My husband loves to set his timer 30 minutes before he actually wants to wake up in anticipation of snoozing and snoozing and snoozing. Well, I’ll tell you what, snoozing on your alarm is the first way to snooze on your day. It gives your mind this subliminal, subconscious procrastination that will trickle into the rest of your day. So pick a time that is reasonable and responsible, set your alarm, and then wake up in a timely manner without hitting snooze.

3. Stay away from your phone 📲This one is hard for me. I set my alarm on my phone, I have my news and morning reads on my phone, and so invariably the alarm goes off, I pick it up, and I’m embarrassed to say, before I even open my eyes, I’m there, already in my inbox, in my social media, and in my newsfeed. I tell you, this is the absolute number one way to hijack your day. Not only is it a major time sink, but you’re in essence handing over your power to the person or thing that is in your phone. SO go buy yourself an alarm clock. Charge that phone in the bathroom and stay away from it as long as you can- preferably after you get to some or all of these 10 steps.

4. Savor ☕. One of my morning joys is my first sips of coffee. These days, I bring it back to bed and even close my eyes as I take my first few sips. It used to be that I set my alarm for five o’clock. I would jump out of bed and head to my local neighborhood workout by 5.30 and I would pour my coffee somewhere in between gulping it down while I was parking my car. Bad move. Because that morning coffee really is something enjoyable so whether it is coffee or another nice warm drink, take a few moments to sit with it, close your eyes and savor. Trust me, these little joys can be everything!

5. Breathe 🧘Before you get out of bed, pause and take three deep breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth. I also have some podcasts that will guide you in this. And as I’ve mentioned, those three deep breaths really can regulate your physiology. It’s enough to bring down your heart rate, bring down your blood pressure, and inform your brain of a sense of peace and ease. If you have more time, great! If not just 3 breaths, that’s all.

6. Move 🤸. The next thing I do is get up, put out I put on my workout gear and start to move my body. Movement for me is prozac, xanax and a joint all rolled in one. 😆 Sometimes I go for a run or a peloton spin for 45 minutes or if I have less time, I limit it to 20 or lift some weights or sometimes I just need a stretch. But this is what I never do. I never negotiate that time away! I know all too well that moving my body is imminently linked to my mental well-being. So I never let the little devil on my shoulder get away with its shenanigans- I don’t negotiate! Now perhaps you think I am crazy and don’t have that exercise bug. Can you just have faith? Meet yourself where you are at. Do something, anything and be consistent. You may find that soon you will be just as crazy as I.

7. Get out into nature 🌳. Some days are easier than others. If it is a weekend, I love to get out and go for a hike. Time in nature is really grounding and there’s science to support that the smell of the trees and the flowers, the sound of the pond and other sounds, sights and smells will trigger the vagus nerve, that nerve that is so important in emotional regulation and mediating the parasympathetic nervous system. So if you can, do your movement out in nature, or make an intentional trip out to a park or pond or mountain on your day off.

8. Engage in a quick writing practice 📝. Now, maybe you combine this writing practice with your morning coffee or after your 3 deep breaths. Habit stacking is a great way to batch multiple to-do’s together efficiently. I am a huge journaler, but in the morning, I use it very briefly to just set out my intentions, set out my to-do list, or just set out my gratitude. Again, there is an abundance of data that shows that when you start your day with a gratitude practice, you’re much more likely to engage in your day in an intentional and joyful way. So take a moment and jot down 3 things that you are grateful for.

9. Eat a healthy breakfast 🍳. Now you probably know that there have been so many contradictory studies in terms of to eat or not to eat a breakfast. But when it comes to productivity, mood regulation, energy and cognition, eating really is essential. Hangry people are not happy people, nor are they effective. It doesn’t have to be a massive meal. Just something that will fill you and sustain you with energy over the morning.

10. Prioritize 🏆. I know this is a lot, but don’t be overwhelmed! Remember that you don’t have to do all these at once. Pick one that resonates most, start there. Also, if you are worried about time, remember that if you are following these steps, you are actually freeing yourself up by not snoozing and entering the rabbit hole of your phone! And finally, remember, that time does not just exist, it is created for the things that you value and make a priority. So, prioritize yourself! You are worth it!

If you want to here more on how to implement the best morning routine, head over to this week’s HealthBite. And finally, don’t forget to check out the link for my first ever workshop! It is going to be amazing!! 🌟 You can find more information below.

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you in your inbox again next week!



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