Words and Thoughts – Why Mindset Matters More than the Food that You Eat

If you have read Hungry for More, you may know that words have a very special place in my heart. I grew up in a house in which the words used were very, very exact. My father, a bonafide word connoisseur, would never say, for example, you are being impolite, if I was being impolite (which was rare […]

Nourish and Medicate Through Food and Herbs with Dr. Anne Kennard

We can sometimes view food as something that we have to restrict or feel guilty about, but the truth is, when we look at food from nature’s perspective, we can see that it is simply a gift full of color, nutrition, and taste – and that is what makes it a valuable food source. This […]

3 Things I am Doing Right Now to Navigate Tumultuous Times

Dear Friends, I was not planning to write to you this week. Full transparency, I have been in a funk and it has been hard to do much of anything other than take care of my kids and take care of my patients. And from speaking to many of you, I know that you are […]

Caring For Yourself – an Act of Advocacy, Gratitude and Defiance

It goes without saying that these have been emotionally taxing weeks. I have had so much to say and yet have been speechless, I have felt so many emotions and yet have been numb to emotion. I have had what feels like my heart broken into pieces with compassion for my fellow humans and also […]

My Feelings About the World Right Now

I am somewhat reluctant to send this. This newsletter is about health and wellness, it is about optimism and potential, it is about what you can do everyday to live a full and productive life, mind and body. But just as we cannot separate mind and body, and our professional lives from our personal lives, […]

Sinners, Negative Thoughts and Other Musings

This week’s newsletter draws on some of my cultural upbringing, but for those of you who are here for the health and wellness or even the weight loss spin, I promise you I’m gonna get there. So stay with me! As some of you know, we are in a holiday heavy time in the Jewish […]

Semaglutide, Semaglutide Everywhere….This Month’s NewsBite

Well the news on semaglutide is coming out so fast that I literally can’t keep up. Even this week’s fresh episode on all things semaglutide missed the news that came out over the weekend showing remarkable benefits of semaglutide in people with heart failure (HF). Study participants on semaglutide showed an average weight loss of 13.3%, a […]

Unlocking Our Full Potential: The Journey from Knowing to Doing

When was the last time you read a news headline like the one that came out last month, “These 8 habits could prolong your life,” and thought to yourself, I know, I know, I know. (btw-if you are curious about the headline, keep on reading…) Of course we already know! It is not for a lack […]

Mastering your Cravings without the Battle 🍷🍰 🍫

Cravings, Cravings, Cravings! As you can imagine, cravings are a common topic in my medical weight loss practice. But for some reason, it was particularly top of mind for my patients this week. Perhaps because it is vacation season and some of the things that happen on vacation set us up for cravings.  Time changes […]

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